Key Benefits of DCO

PS New Deal has introduced in the Cyprus market, Adform DCO Pro that is the newest, improved, and more advanced version of Dynamic Ads (Dynamic Creative Optimization).

It has been proven that DCO campaigns perform significantly better vs the standard banner since the creative is more relevant (personalized), tested and optimized. There is an estimate 60% better performance in digital campaigns when there is use of dynamic creative optimization.

Dynamic Creative Optimization strategies are recommended to be used in almost all industries, but experts believe that in industries like real estate, academic institutions, telecoms, automotive, e-commerce & retail, travel & leisure should consider it as a core creative strategy tool.

What is Dynamic Creative Optimization?

Dynamic creative optimization (DCO) is a display ad technology that creates personalized ads based on data about the viewer at the moment of ad serving.

Very often, DCO campaigns are identified with product retargeting ads since these ads show dynamic content based on a person’s website browsing, such as products viewed or added to a shopping cart.

Dynamic creative ads can also be used for prospecting and other similar campaign goals. These ads often use the common dynamic creative targeting variables of location, time, behaviour, device, demographics, and context.

Key Benefits When You Choose DCO Pro:

Dynamic Creative Optimization is one of the most powerful tools for the today’s digital advertisers since it offers significant and relentless benefits:

Personalization of the ad campaign

A truly unified creative and trading strategy

Effective Behaviour-Based Targeting

Responsive to customer’s behaviour changes

Creative Optimization & Flexibility

Multi-purpose Re-targeting

Real-Time Optimization of creatives

Performance-based campaigns at the lower level of funnel

Increase efficiency as it saves time and resources

In order to learn more about Adform DCO Pro and what benefits can bring to your digital advertising strategies, please free to contact Maria Zacharoudes that is our Commercial Director at: [email protected] or 22 010018.