The benefits of
Facebook Custom Audience

Facebook Custom Audience


Facebook is considered one of the most effective digital advertising channels and maybe the only that can be used in all the phases of the communication funnel.

One of its main strengths is the advanced audience targeting capabilities that are based on several criteria such as demographic (gender, age, marital status) geographic (Nicosia, Larnaca, Limassol) and interests of the user (sports, cooking, pet lovers etc).

One additional but powerful type of targeting option that Facebook provides is the ability to create custom audience based on past-behavior of the user. Some examples of past-behavior can be purchasing a product, visiting a website, or intention to purchase a product. Facebook also offers the option to the campaign manager to expand significantly the custom audience with people with similar characteristics (Look-A-Like Audience) and eventually create a re-targeting campaign based on these expanded audiences.

There are four main sources of custom audiences:

1.Customer/Contact List

The strongest source of custom audience is a company’s CRM data or an e-mail list collected from existing or potential customers. This kind of lists enables advertisers to target directly to existing client base for client retention. Moreover, it enables you to target new customers with similar characteristics through look-a-like audience tool. Please consider that advanced e-mail marketing platforms like MailChimp or GetResponse have direct integration with Facebook so e-mail lists can be uploaded directly to Facebook custom audience builder.

2.Website Visits

Website visitors is another powerful source to create a custom audience. Usually, people that visit a website and spend significant time in it, is a signal for intention or interest to purchase company’s product or service. In order to be able to track visitors’ s presence and behavior a Facebook tracking pixel should be inserted into the website.

3.Audience through an app
It is a common practice for many people to download an app but eventually not to proceed to further action or even use of it. The fact that people downloaded the app is a signal that intent to use it. It is recommended to create a list of those people and create custom audience in Facebook for further targeting or re-targeting.

4.Engagement custom audience
People that have already interacted or engaged in any way with your Facebook or Instagram page (posts, events, videos, forms) seems to be eligible for re-targeting. This kind of custom audience is not the strongest but still is a source of users that seems to have an interest into your product or service.

In summary, creating a Facebook custom audience is a strong tool for effective digital performance. It is based on past behavior of the user with possible intention or interest to purchase a company’s product or service. Similarly, Facebook enables you to expand the audience with users of similar characteristics through Look-A-Like Audience tools.

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