How to Create Your Ideal Buyer Persona Like An Expert: 6 Foolproof Steps

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What was one of the first things to think of when you had built your brand? Your logo, your brand personality, your marketing goals, and your mission, right? But you probably had to identify your target audience, or else how would you be able to sell?

Defining your target audience is not easy. Yet, you can make it easier with one foolproof way: By drafting your Ideal Buyer Persona!

You will probably ask: “What is an ideal buyer persona, and why is it a proven method for my company’s success?” We have the answer!

Read our blog post and learn all the important info for your ideal customer persona! 😉

A buyer or customer persona is an imaginary person who has the most common characteristics of your best potential customers. In other words, this person is the protagonist of each of your marketing strategies.

Now that you know what a customer persona is, you might wonder: “Ok, but how can I benefit from a fictional person?”

Although the person is unreal, the amazing benefits coming from him/her are very real! Here are 4 of them!

Understand your audience: It’s the No. 1 factor that helps you develop your brand identity! Your customers’ complaints, needs, and wants are the basis of your strategy.

Write more targeted content: By knowing who you write for and having a clear image of your customers, you can adjust your content to them. For example, you can send more personalized emails that address their problems.

Create more successful ads: If “Content is King”, buyer persona is the queen! These two go hand in hand and help you create targeted paid search and social ads.

Stay on the right track: If some big business decisions come up, your customer persona will lead you in the right direction.

If you’re still not sure what’s the major advantage resulting from these four, here it is! With a perfectly drafted persona, you’ll increase your sales!

How do you find these benefits? If you have decided to create your persona, but you don’t know the way, we’ve got you covered!

Keep on reading to discover our step-by-step guide on how to draft your buyer persona! 

  1. Collect customer data

Start with your existing clients. If the info you have isn’t enough, try through surveys, research, and interviews to gather some data. Email marketing will be your buddy throughout this process. Also, you can add more questions to your contact form on your website. This will help you retrieve info from other consumers as well.

Some useful questions you can ask your target audience are:

  • Their age & their demographics
  • Their level of education & their job
  • Their personal interests
  1. Identify patterns

Have you collected enough data? Wonderful! After your research, find characteristics that many of your customers share. These can be their hobbies or their profession. With these patterns, you can define your ideal customer persona.

  1. Bring your persona to life

If step 2 was fun, this step is even more! Give your persona a name and a face to make him/her more vivid. Remember to create your persona depending on the goals and patterns you discovered. Here are 2 examples of buyer personas.

If you sell sports equipment, Max and Eve can be your fictional customers. Max is 24 years old and loves camping and hiking. Thus, he usually goes to sports shops to buy all he needs for his excursions. On the other side, Eve is a 15-year-old girl and a tennis player. So, she usually needs good shoes for her training.

  1. Share your persona with your company

Once you created your persona, share it with your colleagues. With the ideal persona in mind, your team will be more goal- and audience-oriented.

  1. Create more than one persona

Unfortunately, one persona is not enough to meet the needs of your target audience. Usually, you’ll need few personas to cover all your customers’ patterns.

  1. Revise your personas

Keep in mind that changes to your personas will be beneficial as your company evolves. Thus, you should ask yourself: Are my clients’ needs and wants still the same? Are my personas still representative of my target audience?

And here’s the end of our how-to guide! Let’s recap. A buyer persona is your fake but ideal customer. This person helps you focus on your audience’s priorities instead of your own. By having one, you can write content that solves your clients’ problems. The right content leads to more targeted ads and successful ads to more sales!

To identify your persona, you should follow 6 proven steps: gather data from your customers, define common features between them, draft your fictional client with the results you found, show your persona to your team, and revise him/her from time to time.

💡 LAST TIP: Drafting your buyer persona will take some time. So, don’t give up your efforts!

Ready to see the success coming from your well-drafted persona?

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