How to Optimize your
Social Media Campaigns.

Social Media Campaigns


Optimizing your social media campaigns is significant in order to maximize their impact. Optimization is the procedure followed to improve the performance of your ads. With the use of past performance and future forecasting, you can modify running campaigns and calculate the amount of money to spend for future objectives. This process includes cutting losses for underachieving sections and enhancing highly effective parts.

Optimization can be done before, during, or after a campaign is published. It is essential to optimize social media campaigns to avoid:

  • Low CTR (Click-Through Rate – the ratio of visitors who click on a link to the total number of visitors who view a website) on all creatives and placements.
  • Low CVR (Conversion Rate – the percentage of website’s visitors who complete a desired objective) on the clicks that are derived from a site (e.g., many clicks, but no conversions).
  • High eCPMs (effective Cost per Thousand – the amount of money spent for an ad space per one thousand ad impressions) which lead to higher costs per click and action.

Some guidelines on how to optimize and increase the performance of your social media campaigns are the following:

Targeting Strategy: It is fundamental to follow a strategic plan for your campaigns by setting specific parameters such as interests, age, behaviors, demographics, etc. In this way, you can track every parameter individually and you can improve them according to their performance.

Test Different Images: Images are the most significant part of your campaigns that move people to click on them. Try various types of images until you identify the ones that maximize your CTR and conversions (when a visitor completes a desired objective). When you determine the most effective images, search for similar ones.

Choose a Call to Action: Facebook enables you to choose a call to action in your campaigns. Because calls to action influence considerably your CVR and CTR, it is important to split test them carefully. The call to action options, which are found in the Ad Setup menu, are Sign Up, Book Now, Learn More, Download and Shop Now.

Insights: You should pay attention to key activities, for example, the day of week, the time of day, the performance of sites/URLs and the placements because they have a great impact on your social media campaigns.

Optimize: When two weeks pass, optimize your campaigns according to the key activities that have been previously referred. You can optimize them through:

  • Higher bidding (the highest amount of money that an advertiser pays for every click on an ad)
  • Pausing underperforming ads
  • Increasing the amount of money spent for the most effective performing strategies (interests/age/gender)

Analyse: After the end of your campaigns, analyze their results and deliver post-campaign insights for more efficient decision-making. Some helpful insights involve details about the most effective creatives, information regarding the engaged audience in relation to the targeted audience and data on which strategies performed and why. It is important to understand their results in order to publish more well performing campaigns.

To sum up, optimization improves your social media campaigns’ performance and has the potential to increase your conversions. Some useful suggestions on how to optimize them include planning a targeting strategy, testing different images, using a call to action, observing your insights, improving your ads while running and analyzing their results after their completion. Make sure to optimize your campaigns after they have run for some days. Although it is necessary to conduct a daily check, it is not recommended to change them daily because they will have the opposite effect and they will not perform well.

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