How To Write Amazing Headlines That Attract Your Readers’ Attention

Amazing Headlines


Fun fact: Did you know that 80% of your audience will see your headline, but only 20% will click on it to read your article?

And why is this important for you? Your content may be very informative and thought-provoking. In other words, it may be fantastic! However, if your title is not attractive enough, your content will go wasted.

So, how can you make your headlines catchy to get your readers’ attention?

Read this blog post and learn all the tips & tricks for clickable headlines! 😮

Before sharing with you our secrets, we should first answer these two questions: Why do we need headlines? What is their goal?

Answer to the 1st question: We need headlines to get a quick view of a text’s topic.

Answer to the 2nd question: Their goal is to persuade your audience to read your content.

Your headlines should always answer the question “What’s in it for me?”. So, relevance is a big thing to consider. If your titles are not attractive to you, they will not be interesting for your readers either.

Now that you know the basics, we can move on! When writing a headline, you should 100% keep in mind the 2 following points:

  • Know your audience: It’s the first and most important thing to consider! If you know your readers well, you also know their needs and wants. Thus, you can tailor your headline to them and guarantee some benefits for them.
  • Adapt your headline to the type of copy it’s on: There are massive differences between a homepage, a landing page, a blog, etc. So, it’s better to adjust your headline to the various kinds of web content.

How do these pieces of advice sound to you? If they’re still a bit generic, don’t worry. Here are some more tips and tricks for crafting incredible titles!

5 tips and tricks for writing amazing headlines:

  1. The 4 U’s formula: The 4 U’s stand for Urgent, Unique, Ultra-specific, and Useful. Create some urgency (if there’s any), provoke curiosity with a creative touch, make it as relevant as possible for your readers and show them why they must continue to read. Try to include at least 1 of the 4 U’s!
  2. Numbers do matter! Numbers make headlines specific and eye-catching. “5 Lessons I’ve learned from my studies abroad”. The number 5 stands out from the rest of the words, right?
  3. Keep it direct & short: Get quickly to the main idea and don’t write too many words. Google search shows up to 60 characters.
  4. Stories are always a good option: Try to narrate a short story in your title. Humans do love stories. So, if you manage to do this, you have an additional advantage over other headlines.
  5. Use the right words: Include some words that add emotion and encourage the readers to take action. Some examples are: “worry,” “danger,” and “surprising”. These categories of words increase the chances that users will read or share your content. Some other powerful words are: “free,” “new,” “easy,” and “you”. Use these words only when they match with your content!

How do you feel now? Is it starting to be less complex? Wonderful!

Keep on reading to discover some excellent formulas that you can use for your headlines!

List Post: “10 Fast And Easy Recipes For Beginners.” A list title creates a list of things that you should analyze in your copy. This type is very effective because your audience immediately understands your copy’s topic.

How To: Do you remember the title of this blog post? If not, go back and read it once again. How-to headlines function as a guide for your audience. Your readers will click the title because they want to learn a solution to their problem.

Questions: Questions are classic! Use the “who,” “where,” “why,” “when,” and “what” words to make your audience curious about your topic. Don’t forget to answer your question in the introduction to keep the readers’ interest!

Secrets, proven methods: “6 Secret Ways To Travel Around The World With Less Money”. “5 Guaranteed Methods Of Being Happy Everyday”. We all like secret and guaranteed ways, so this is a great choice!

Generic: These titles don’t work well because they’re general and not that interesting like the previous ones. So, you shouldn’t use them.

And now, you know all the basics to write unique headlines! Let’s sum up what we’ve just learned! Titles should attract your audience to read your content. Thus, you should first get to know your readers in order to make your headlines relevant for them. Remember to adjust your titles to the type of page they’re on. Keep your headlines short and to the point and use some numbers and suitable words. Stories will always captivate your readers. Don’t forget to include at least one of the four U’s. List posts, how-to, questions, and secrets/proven methods headlines are some classic examples that can inspire you to write killer headlines!

Important notice: Crafting a perfect headline takes a lot of time, so don’t get disappointed. Probably your 1st version will not be very successful, so keep on working on it! Headline Studio from CoSchedule is a free online tool that will help you improve your headlines.

Last thing to have in mind to motivate yourself not to give up! As Philipp Stelzel, an online marketing manager who teaches courses on SEO and copywriting said: “If you need 2 hours to write your content, you should spend 2 hours writing the headline!”

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