Why are Google Ads The Fast & Smart Way To Grow Your Business?

Google Ads


Here’s a CHALLENGE for you: Go to Google and search for “shoes for running”. What are the first results that you get? Without even realizing it, you’ve seen every type of Google Ads, from video, display to paid search. Why is that so? With almost every search in Google and its companies’ sites, the first results that appear on your screen are ads.

Google has dominated the search engines worldwide by controlling more than 90% of the market. 😮 This means that Google is a great place to advertise your brand!

Are you curious to learn more about what Google Ads has to offer you? Keep reading the blog post!

You may think: Why should I use Google Ads if I can promote my products/services through social media? The answer is simple! Check out these 6 benefits below:

  1. Google has all the answers

Here comes the big difference between advertising in Google and social media! Usually, people use social media to see what’s happening in the lives of their friends and family. They want to see nice pictures and videos. They are not searching for an answer.

“Where can I find a vegan restaurant?” Google it!

Google knows everything! When people go to Google, they do look for answers to their problems. If your business can offer them what they need (even with an ad), they’ll probably continue buying from you.

  1. Google is the king

Do you remember the percentage mentioned above? If not, go back and find it. According to HubSpot, there are about 63 000 search queries every second. This translates to 5,6 billion daily searches. Amazing, right?

Why do these numbers matter? Irrespective of the size or type of your business, Google Ads enables you to reach a massive number of internet users that match your target audience.

  1. Get faster results than with SEO & organic traffic

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process that you follow when you want to make your website more visible on the search engines. By applying SEO techniques, you improve your organic traffic (users coming to your site from a non-paid search result).

A campaign through Google helps your site appear on the top of search results and makes it more visible to users.

  1. Maximize ROI

Return on Investment (ROI) measures how much profit you make from an investment. With Google Ads, you can get a higher ROI because you pay only every time someone clicks your ad.

  1. Choose how much you want to spend

Google Ads gives you full control over your budget. In this way, you can decide your daily budget or the maximum amount of money you want to spend for every click on a keyword. Also, you can adjust your budget depending on the performance of your campaign.

  1. Understand the performance of your campaigns

Google Ads platform allows you to measure the success of your campaigns in an easy way. For example, you can see the number of clicks, impressions, keyword budget, etc. If you link Google Ads with Google Analytics, you can get a more detailed description of your customers’ behavior. In this way, it’s easier to optimize your campaigns for better results.

How do these benefits sound to you? Impressive? Let’s move on! How many campaign types do you think Google has to offer you? The answer is 7.

  • Search campaigns are text ads that appear on Google search results.
  • Display campaigns are image ads on websites. You can use them along with your search campaigns to grow your reach.
  • Video campaigns are – as the name suggests – video ads playing on YouTube and other websites.
  • Shopping campaigns are product listings that appear on search results and the Google Shopping tab.
  • App campaigns are great if you want to increase the number of your app users and drive sales. Use this type to promote your app on channels like Google Play, YouTube, Google Search, etc.
  • Local campaigns drive people to your business’ physical location.
  • Smart campaigns are automated ads. When you create some ads and enter your business information, Google delivers them in the best possible way for your time and budget.

So, Google gives you several options to decide. Now, you may ask: What is the best campaign type for my business? This depends on the goal you want to achieve. And what are these goals?


Leads: Increase the number of potential customers who are interested in your products/services.

Website Traffic: Boost the number of internet users to visit your site.

Brand Awareness and Reach: Make your target audience recognize your brand and promote your products/services to more people.

Product and Brand Consideration: Encourage internet users who are searching for a product to buy from you.

App promotion: Drive people to your app. Here, the goal is to make them download your app.

Attention! You cannot find every goal in each campaign type!

And here’s the end of our blog post! Let’s sum up the main points while they’re fresh on your mind. Google Ads is a product your business can use to achieve your marketing goals. If you decide to promote your brand with Google, you’ll enjoy several benefits. With Google, you can reach millions of people who search for solutions to their problems and have the intention to buy. Also, a Google Ads campaign can get you a higher ROI and quicker results than organic traffic. The Google Ads platform allows you to choose any budget for your campaign. Last but not least, you can measure the performance of your ads in an easy-to-understand way.

Depending on what you want to advertise and the goal you want to accomplish, you can choose one of the 7 campaign types. These are search, display, video, shopping, app, local, and smart campaigns.

So, have you still doubts about running a Google Ads campaign? 🤔

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