6 Tips and 1 Secret for a Successful Influencer Marketing Campaign

Influencer Marketing Part 2


Remember the blog post about Influencer Marketing and our promise to you? Now is the time for Part 2!

In case you forgot what Part 1 was about, you can click here and have a look at it!

Now that Part 1 is fresh on your mind, we can move to Part 2!

Have you decided to plan an influencer marketing campaign after the reading? Wonderful! But, do you know what steps you should follow? If not, don’t worry. We’re here for you!

Before you start organising your influencer marketing campaign, here’s the secret we want to share with you: Preparation Work! It’ll take some time, but it’s worth it. Finding the perfect influencer is not easy, but this preparation work will help you organise your strategy better.

Preparation Work 📝

Define your Marketing Goals & Customers and Analyse your Brand: What do you want to achieve with your campaign? Who is your ideal buyer persona, and what is your product identity? These are questions that you should answer if you haven’t done it yet.

You need to set your goals from the very beginning to check your progress throughout the process. For example, do you want to increase your website traffic or gain more social media engagement?

Also, paint a vivid picture of your customers. Search for their demographics, personal interests, and values. What if your persona is any young person between 20 and 30 who lives in any big city and loves sports and jazz music? In this way, you can fit your product image to their needs.

How do you want to build your brand personality? Would you like it to be professional and elegant, fun and joyful, or eco-friendly and creative? Make sure that your brand identity should align with your company values. Choosing an influencer who doesn’t fit with your brand will not bring the intended results and may lead to the loss of credibility.

Select appropriate KPIs for your campaign: Key Performance Indicators are measurable values that help you track the success of any business strategy. So, don’t forget to choose them right from the start! Some typical KPIs are:

Brand Awareness: How many customers know and recognize your brand?

Return on Investment (ROI): How much profit have you made at the end of your campaign compared to the amount of money you invested in the first place?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): How visible is your website in search engines?

Website Traffic: How do visitors come to your site? Do they click on an ad, or do they google it?

Average Stay Per Visit: How much time do visitors spend at your site? What is their favorite content?

Choose the Right Social Media Platform: Depending on your brand, audience, niche, and content, you should pick the most suitable social media platform for your campaign. Are you a dance school owner? Then go for YouTube, create a YouTube channel, and show your audience some cool videos. Does your business belong to the fashion or beauty industry? Then consider Facebook and Instagram as well!

You’ve completed the preparation work. Well done! Let’s have a look at the six tips you need to know for an impressive influencer marketing campaign.

6 Tips from our Social Media Experts for an Amazing Influencer Marketing Campaign 💡

You’re ready to start your planning! If you’re wondering where you can search for an influencer, here are three methods!

If you don’t know from where to start, Google is a good option. By doing some research, you’ll find influencers who share your company values. Yet, the manual search is more time-consuming than other ways.

Influencer marketplaces are a great solution if you don’t have much time. They’re online platforms that connect businesses with influencers of the same social media channels or niche. For instance, you can use a marketplace to search for an athlete who uses TikTok. Some influencer marketing platforms are Intellifluence, Fourstarzz Media, and Heepsy.

Another way is to use a social media monitoring tool, like Buzzsumo or Hootsuite. These tools allow you to monitor media and get information about what it’s said about a product, company, brand, or individual. Use one of these tools to identify who talks about your brand and contact this person!

Tip #1: A Cool Activist or a Professional Business Owner? Discover the Right Influencer!

First, you need to define with what kind of influencer you would like to work. Do you want to collaborate with a micro- or a macro-influencer? Usually, it’s better to choose a micro-influencer because they have more authentic rapport with their followers. As we’ve said before, you should search for someone who agrees with your brand values.

Tip #2: Build Trust, Take Action & Get in Touch

Have you found some good matches? Amazing! To find the most suitable one, you should observe their actions. Follow them on social media, see what other brands they promote, and check how they engage with their following and present their content. After selecting the one, you should start building a relationship with this person through his/her social media accounts. Share the influencer’s content and mention him/her in your content.

The big moment to contact the influencer has come! You should be prepared and think beforehand about how you will persuade the person to join your team. Offer him/her a free sample of your product or service to try it and explain to him/her your brand personality.

Tip #3: Time for Some Fun, Creativity & Planning. 3 Ideas for Preparing your Campaign

You made it! You got the influencer on board! So, it’s time to plan your campaign. You can suggest to him/her reviewing your product or service, advertising your brand, or organising a giveaway contest with their followers. Bear in mind that you should listen to the influencer’s ideas as well because his/her actions will affect the interaction with his/her audience. The influencer wouldn’t betray his/her following for your product. If you disagree with this, then search for another social authority.

Tip #4: How to Measure and Analyse your Campaign Progress

Remember the KPIs? These are the keys to measure your campaign performance. To track how well your campaign is running, go back to the KPIs you set in the beginning. Depending on how high or low the rates are, you can see if you’re getting closer to your goals. Consider analysing the results during and after the end of your campaign. In this way, you can optimize your strategy. Google Analytics is an easy free marketing tool that you can use to monitor your campaign performance.

Tip #5: Pay the Influencer with Money

The campaign is over, and it’s time to pay the influencer. The free sample of your product is not enough. So, you must compensate the person with money. The amount of money that influencers charge depends on their audience size, their followers’ engagement, and the content you want them to create and promote.

Tip #6: Successful Collaboration? Stay in Touch with the Influencer!

If your cooperation with the influencer was profitable and effective, it doesn’t mean that you would stop working with him/her. Stay in contact with the person so you can plan other campaigns together in the future. The more an influencer uses your product, the more authentic his/her opinion and content creation will be!

And here’s the end of our blog post! Let’s recap to help you keep the main points in mind. Before planning your influencer marketing campaign, you should know your brand, audience, and goals, choose some KPIs, and pick the most suitable social media platform for your campaign.

When you complete these tasks, you can move to the next steps. To search for an influencer, you can do a manual search or use either an influencer marketplace or a social media monitoring tool. Once you’ve discovered the appropriate type of influencer and found some possible social authorities, follow them on their social media to build rapport. This process will help you identify the perfect influencer. Contact the person and organize your campaign with him/her. Also, don’t forget to track your campaign progress. When your campaign ends, compensate the influencer with money. And if you’re satisfied with the results and collaboration, you can remain in contact with him/her.

So, are you ready to take action?

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